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Taking Your Spark to Production Scale

At the Spark Summit 2015 conference held in San Francisco, Anil Gadre, Senior Vice President of Product Management for MapR, presented a featured keynote titled "Spark & Hadoop at Production Scale" where he highlighted how leading companies are deploying Spark with Hadoop in production. During his talk, he shared real-life customer examples of turning data into action using Spark and Hadoop, and he also discussed how advanced users are deploying Hadoop and Spark applications in one cluster with better reliability and performance at production scale.

Configuring and Deploying Apache Spark

I gave this talk at the inaugural SF Spark and Friends Meetup group in San Francisco during the week of the Spark Summit this year. While researching this talk, I realized there is very little material out there giving an overview of the many rich options for deploying and configuring Apache Spark. There are some specific articles by vendors - targeting YARN, or DSE, etc., but I think what developers really want is a broad overview. So, this post will give you that, but you will have to look through the slides here to dig through the meat of it. ...